Bad North Now Available on Steam, GOG, and Kartridge!

Last month, Vikings crashed upon the shores of the Isle of Discord, quickly taking over their new storefront and bringing Bad North to PC for the first time. Today, Vikings have expanded their foothold on PC and can now be found on the beaches and cliffsides of Steam, GOG, and Kartridge.

On Steam, a new Deluxe Edition of Bad North can be found which offers enhanced portraits with a royal flair for your commanders, the beautifully arranged soundtrack from IGF award-winning audio designer Martin Kvale, and stellar digital wallpapers with Oskar Stålberg’s eye-catching art for your desktop or mobile phone. The Deluxe Edition will be coming to Discord and GOG in the future.

If you’ve bought the game already (THANK YOU!) we haven’t forgotten about you! Patch 1.05 comes to Discord today and those updates will make their way to consoles in the near future. The Deluxe edition is only available on Steam for now, but we’re looking to bring some, or all, of this content to other platforms, depending on each platform’s capabilities.

With Bad North now out on multiple console and PC platforms, we plan to update the game and will be sure that this content reaches all platforms as close together as possible. Bad North is developed by a small team, so there will likely be small delays between platforms when updates arrive, but we are committed to having all platforms be congruent as Bad North continues to grow.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has experienced Bad North, we look forward to showing you more! And a big welcome to all those who will now be getting pummeled by Vikings for the first time. Skål!


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