Bad North: Jotunn Edition Free Content Update Available Now on Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass!

We recently released the Jotunn Edition content update on PC and the response has been incredibly positive, and we’re excited to finally be bringing it to the Switch and Xbox One platforms! If you’re not in-the-know,  Jotunn Edition is a brand new content expansion for Bad North, and it’s completely free. It’s out now for PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One + PC (coming soon to PlayStation 4).

This expansion comes with a slew of new features, content and improvements:

New Items to Find

Discover 4 powerful new items to equip to your commanders. Use them wisely and they’ll help you on the road to victory.

Commander Traits

Commanders may now come with one of thirteen small, passive buffs – so more than ever you will need to work with what you have and each run will be more unique.

Maximize their efficiency by choosing items & upgrades which synergize well with your traits.

Commander Loadouts

Choose the look of your commanders, and equip them with Starting Items & Traits if you’ve unlocked any.

Jotunn Edition also features several new commander looks.

And A Whole Lot More

  • Very Hard difficulty
  • A new enemy type
  • Codex – meta progression
  • Shared commander gold
  • And many other quality-of-life changes (read the full patch notes here)

Download the free content update and play today!


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