Bad North for PC lands on First on Discord today!

Since its release earlier this year on console, PC fans have been clamoring for Bad North and today is the glorious day it graces the platform that birthed the RTS genre for the first time. Bad North is now available worldwide for PC as a part of the inaugural First on Discord lineup.

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Bad North pits you against hordes of Vikings who want nothing better than to end your life in this minimalistic microstrategy game that is incredibly simple to understand yet packs the challenge of the hardiest RTS games out there. Travel from island to island and recruit new units along the way, each one customizable giving you a variety of special abilities and upgrades to play with, and use them to help fend off waves of those vicious northern marauders who are chasing you every step of the way. Find items to enhance your troops, hold choke points on beautiful procedurally generated isles, and stop the Viking invasion on your journey to find a new home.


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