Atomicrops Officially Launches Today!

Start a farm they said, it’ll be fun they said. Actually, wait, they were right!

Atomicrops has now officially launched on Epic Game Store, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 so get your sweet buns (made from only the best mutated wheat) to your platform of choice!

Epic Game Store

Nintendo Eshop

Xbox Store

PlayStation Store

Last fall, we asked you to farm, marry, and kill your way through your very own post-apocalyptic farm and since then Bird Bath Games has added tons of content leading to launch in the form of collectible cats, new townsfolk to romance, and a farmer’s market worth of new crops and weapons to consume (*please, only eat the crops. Wait, maybe not even then, they’re giving you side-eye). Aside from the additional content, you now have the option to play on your favorite platform! If you’ve been waiting for an invitation to jump back in, consider this your hand-delivered opportunity!

Also, did we mention the collectible cats? We did? Well that’s okay, it’s worth mentioning again.

Check out the Raw Fury Twitch channel today at 18:00 CEST/9:00 AM PDT  for a look into Atomicrops with the developers:

What is Atomicrops?
Atomicrops is an action-packed roguelike farming simulator in which you must cultivate and defend the last farm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Armed with a hoe, watering pail, and fully automatic weapon, you’ll grow ultra-GMO crops to feed your town and make a hefty profit, guard your land from mutant pests and bandits, and court and wed townsfolk to fight and farm by your side.

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