You’ve just inherited your uncle’s farm moments before the nuclear apocalypse and now you’re the last farmer on Earth! You’ve got to shoot to till in Atomicrops, the perfect mashup of an action-packed roguelite and a charming farming simulator that is out TODAY in early access exclusively on the Epic Games store!

We Need Your Feedback

The ground has been tilled, the seeds planted, and the first crops are ready to harvest! You can now buy and play Atomicrops in early access over at the Epic Games store.

But the work is only just getting started. Early Access is going to be super important as we collect player feedback, balance, and add features based on your suggestions – and together we can build the action roguelite farming simulator of our dreams!

It’s also critical that we get this feedback as early as possible, which is why…

Get a Bigger Discount the Sooner You Buy

This game is amazingly fun, and we know you’re going to love it. To make it a little easier to jump in on day 1, we’re taking 50% off the price.

But tomorrow the price goes up to 40% off. Then 30% the day after that. Then 20%, then 10%, until it’s up to the full price with no discount. Here it is, in list form for you list-lovers:

You like saving money, right? Better act quickly then! And don’t worry about the game getting stale because…

There Will Be Regular Gameplay and Content Updates

We will be posting details on the Epic Games store page and on our website here. Look for more information from us on that very soon.

Discord is Where You’ll Find Us

Got an idea for some cool new item or upgrade? Want bragging rights over that huge farm you cultivated? Come share in all things Atomicrops over at the Raw Fury Discord!

We’re Livestreaming Today

Want to see the game in action before you decide? We’ll be doing a livestream at the Raw Fury Twitch channel today September 5th at 10:00am Pacific / 19:00 CEST. Come drop some emotes in chat!

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