Atomicrops is Coming to Steam!

Farm. Marry. Kill.

Atomicrops Launching on Steam & next week! Farm, marry, and kill your way to the ULTIMATE post-apocalyptic farm when Atomicrops sows itself on Steam and, September 17th!

All the frantic-farming and post-apocalyptic action is getting ready to hit the platform with barrels-loaded and fertilizer …err… pretty stinky at this point, tbh.

Catch the absolute farming mayhem when it launches on Steam &!

Want to try before you buy? Atomicrops is running a free preview on Steam! Head to THE GIVEAWAY PAGE to grab your copy that will be active until launch day on the 17th!


Check out the Atomicrops “Thyme Flies” Trailer!


ATOMICROPS is an action-packed roguelike farming mayhem in which you must cultivate and defend the last farm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Armed with a hoe, watering pail, and fully automatic weapon, you’ll grow ultra-GMO crops to feed your town and make a hefty profit, guard your land against mutant pests and bandits, and court and wed townsfolk to fight and farm by your side.

ATOMICROPS is taking all the amazing content from its Epic Games Store and console versions and taking it to Steam and GOG plus launching a brand new free update called Thyme Flies.