Announcing the Tormentor X Punisher 666 Challenge

Want your name to live forever in Tormentor X Punisher? Beat the 666 challenge! Open until June 6th at 6:66am HELL-sinki time (June 6th @ 7:06 EEST / June 5th @ 9:06pm PT)

Hey you, content creator. Yeah, you. You play and live for games, so how would you like to have your name in one for all eternity?

We’re challenging you right now. Introducing the Tormentor X Punisher 666 Challenge. What do you have to do? Just survive for 6 minutes and 66 seconds, that’s it. Easy, right?

Anytime someone gets killed in Tormentor X Punisher, a demon name pop ups from a list programmed in the game which gives you the name of the demon that killed you that round. You can be a part of that demon list by beating the 666 challenge. If you somehow last for 6:66:00 in the game, show us your video and we will put your name in the game as a demon. Bada-boom bada-bing.

The challenge is open to affiliate and partnered streamers on all streaming platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Contest begins now and lasts until June 6th at 6:66 HELL-sinki time. (June 6th @ 7:06 EST / June 5th @ 9:06pm PT)