Acclaimed thriller Kathy Rain is now out on iOS and Android!

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Raw Fury’s first mobile title EVER is the remarkably mysterious and superbly written Kathy Rain from Clifftop Games, and damn if there isn’t a better game on mobile for us to start with. Have you played an adventure game on mobile before? The point and click mechanics are absolutely perfect for phones and tablets, and having a fantastic story you can take on the go during the holidays makes for a nice getaway when you need a break from family. And if your family is anything like Kathy’s, you’re going to need some time apart.

We’ve talked about Kathy’s journey through some taboo subjects you don’t see often addressed in games, and we hope you’ll take Kathy up on her offer to figure out the plot behind her grandfather’s death. With a 93% positive rating on Steam (and 100% positive rating in the last 30 days!), you owe it to yourself to head back to the 90’s and join Kathy on her adventure.

Kathy Rain is now available on mobile for $4.99 USD.

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