A Love Letter to Corporations – Mosaic Has Launched on Apple Arcade

Raw Fury has given control of our blog to a trusted partner, the esteemed Mosaic Corporation. They have today announced a new product available to the public and it is highly encouraged that everyone adhere to their requests.


We at Mosaic Corporation are proud and ecstatic to announce that the latest digital product for a brighter future – MOSAIC – is now available on Apple Arcade for iOS, tvOS, and MacOS.

The Mosaic Corporation is a modern high-tech workplace that values our employee’s efforts. We are looking for highly skilled individuals with determination that can add value. The Mosaic Corporation aims to offer an extraordinary cinematic atmospheric entertainment experiences with MOSAIC as an interactive recruitment process.

In the latest product – MOSAIC – you will follow one of our faithful company workers in everyday life and adventures as he strives to be an efficient and vital part of the company structure, reaching his deadlines and aiming for greatness. An unremarkable worker in their quest for a brighter future within the company in a high-tech urban society, it is a life we should all be striving for.

Mosaic will launch on December 5, 2019, for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam and GOG.com. It is available for pre-order next week, with the Mosaic 1% Edition available at a discounted price.

The Mosaic Corporation has all your needs covered.

For a brighter future – choose MOSAIC.

Visit the Mosaic Corp website for more information

Visit Mosaic on Steam