A detective is born – Kathy Rain has officially launched!

Prep your hog, charge your stun gun, and get ready to tackle one helluva mystery

kathy rain logo2

And so the investigation begins! Kathy Rain is now available at digital storefronts all over the internet, and we’re finally able to rest for just a second and take in the fact that our second game has officially launched. They grow up so fast. You can check out where to pick up Kathy Rain on the official site here: kathyraingame.com

We’re reflecting on the journey we’ve gone through to get Kathy Rain here and it has been quite the ride, from late nights poring through the script to sifting through many talented auditions to select our actors to all the testing we did over the last month–it has been absolutely rewarding.  When Joel Staaf Hästö first approached us with his idea of this strong female character, this badass (or “bad-butt” for those who watched our PAX East stream with the Indie MEGABOOTH) with a tough upbringing who is still very much human like the rest of us, we wanted to know more. We wanted to know Kathy. Seeing her take shape over the last year has been nothing short of inspiring.

That inspiration doesn’t just end with Kathy though, we look at the transformation Joel himself has gone through and it is exhilarating. Here is a person who quit their job to tackle a dream, an endeavor that he couldn’t shake and had to go all in on. Sure, the “seasoned programmer turned independent developer” story is nothing new, but put yourself in that position for just a moment – leaving the large company you dedicated your life to, striking it out on your own and working for yourself, doing something you love, and having absolutely no clue how it’s going to turn out but going forward with it anyway. That is some fucking courage right there. We are beyond fortunate to have played a small role in this, but all the credit really goes to Joel and to Kathy.

Take Kathy up on her adventure. It’s special, we promise.