Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands represents the greatest challenge ever seen for hardened veteran monarchs. Can you survive long enough to claim the Gold Crown?

Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands is a free update coming on August 29th! These themed islands offer an alternative experience to the campaign with tougher roguelike gameplay and each with its own custom rules. Drawing inspiration from Kingdom: Classic and Kingdom: New Lands, each challenge takes place on a unique land with a single attempt to conquer it. If you lose your crown, you lose the game.

Each Challenge Island has associated goals to overcome and rewards you with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Crown when you reach their milestones. The acclaimed Gold Crown is very difficult to obtain, you’ll have to be a very strategic monarch with plenty of experience to survive long enough to even be within reach. These are truly formidable challenges for the most experienced of monarchs!

There are three different Challenge Islands to begin with, each tailored for the lonesome monarch as there’s no co-op to help lighten the burden of the difficult challenges ahead. We plan to add additional Challenge Islands further down the road.

With the new Dire Wolf mount as your aid, protect its pup at all costs. No crown, no monarch. No pup, no monarch! Now build the boat and try to escape as you run to as many islands as possible before the inevitable.

Time is running out and you must destroy the Greed Lairs, that’s right “Lairs”, PLURAL! With a Greed Lair on each side and several Greed Portals in between this challenge is fit for only the gods that walk amongst Monarchs. And don’t forget about the volcano that is waiting to explode!

This land has been overrun and on the brink of succumbing to the Greed… FOREVER! And now a fearsome pandemic is transforming citizens into Greed. The only thing you can do is try to survive as long as possible until your Kingdom is nothing but Greed.

Can you survive the toughest obstacles to claim the Gold Crown on each Challenge Island? We doubt it!