The Women of Fury

Everyday we are inspired by the women in our lives, from the significant others who hold us to higher standards and lead by example, to our mothers, mother-like figures, and sisters who have been our biggest fans and hugest role models, and our daughters who deserve a world where they are equal in the eyes of all.

Representation of women in the games industry and games themselves is paramount. When half the world’s population are women, and yet the percentage of those in our industry and in our medium’s stories is far less, it’s something we have to recognize. Our first published game, Kingdom, gave players the ability to choose if they’d like to play as a queen or king. Our second published game, Kathy Rain, championed a strong journalism student uncovering the mystery of her grandfather’s death. Of the six games in our released catalog, five of them offer the ability to play as a woman.

Not every story works with a woman as the lead protagonist, but there are also so many stories with women protagonists that never have the chance to be told. We want to continue and strive to alleviate that, to see more diverse experiences and narratives out there. And we want to thank the developers we’ve worked with who have taken on the task of disarming the perception that games featuring women are not worth creating.

We are not a perfect company by any stretch of the imagination, of the 13 employees here at Raw Fury we have two women as colleagues—our almighty high priestess Andreea Chifu and fearless shieldmaiden Mia Sun—putting us under the 22% threshold of total women in the entire games industry (we should note that they are not the only women ever to be employed by Raw Fury–just on the current roster). We recognize we have a long way to go and are cognizant of the fact that we need more women in our ranks. More representation by women in our company allows for a greater deal of perspective, something sorely needed in all facets of work and life. As we continue to grow, we bear this in mind.

One of the first developers we worked with, Clifftop Games, chose a female lead as the protagonist for its first commercial game, Kathy Rain. Led by Joel Staaf Hästö, it took over four years to bring Kathy’s adventure to fruition, and over the past couple months Joel has also been hard at work implementing new localizations for the game. As of today, Kathy Rain can be played in Spanish, Polish, and Italian for the first time.

Joel is currently co-developing Whispers of a Machine, which also features a leading female protagonist. You can read more of Joel’s thoughts on the importance of portraying women as main protagonists in this newly released interview.

Kathy Rain and Kingdom are both on sale over the next few days on Steam and GOG, each one at 70% off.

Women in games, both in the industry itself and the stories told in games themselves, are more so important now than ever before. Representation is key and we will continue to put forth the effort to highlight and support these crucial endeavors.

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