María Tómasdóttir – Raw Fury’s Money Handler Supreme

A couple months ago, we put out a ridiculous ad in search of a finance person to work at Raw Fury who could, and we quote, “step in and give [money] the attention it deserves and needs” because, apparently, you can’t just spend all your revenue on Nerf guns. We learned that lesson the hard way (do you know how embarrassing it is to be cut off by a toy store cashier?), so the ad went out and the entire time we’re thinking, “what sort of money manager will even take us seriously?”

Well, someone did and holy crap not only does she keep us in line but she has our same goofy attitude. We’re both in awe and slightly terrified.

María Tómasdóttir has joined Raw Fury as its Queen of F***ing Everything and that is no lie, it is literally the title in her email signature. Now, one doesn’t get to become queen without having gone through some formal training, and Maria has it in spades—over three years at DICE taking care of payroll for the Nordic territories and handling tax authorities, serving as HR Manager for The International English School HQ in Stockholm, and as a business partner associate at Vattenfall (a Swedish energy company). With a well rounded career like that, and her ambition to work with a company that is creative and explorative, it’s a match made in heaven.

Fun fact – Three languages are spoken at Raw Fury: Icelandic, Swedish, and English. Maria is the only one who knows all three fluently, so if anyone is going to make this ship sail smoothly it’s going to be the one who can curse at us in all our native languages.

Welcome, Maria! And don’t worry, we saved the receipts for those Nerf guns!

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