GDC 2018 – The Games Lineup™ + IGF Nominees!

We had so much fun at our GDC loft last year (yes, the one down the street from a taco truck and next door to a porn shop) that we rented it immediately after the show ended. The time has come to once again to open its wondrous doors and welcome everyone back for another go around!

Every single Fury is attending the show and we want to meet you!

  • Have a new game you need some funding for? WE GOT YOU.
  • Want to be the first to play the latest from Bad North and Kingdom: Two Crowns? COME OVER.
  • Need a place to just recharge your phone and your liver? DONE AND DONE.

Here’s what we have going on!

You’ve seen the beautiful GIFs from Oskar Stålberg and Rich Meredith on Twitter. You’ve spoken to IGF award-winning sound designer Martin Kvale. Now you can finally get a chance to play the next project from this trio of talented devs!

You can also check out Bad North at The Mix on the Monday night of GDC!

BRAND. NEW. CONTENT. Say it again for the people in the back! The last time we showed Kingdom: Two Crowns to anyone, it was to give a taste of the co-op experience. This time around, we’ll be showing why it’s going to be the best Kingdom yet. Come check out the never before seen content we’ve been working on behind closed doors with Kingdom creator Thomas van den Berg!

IGF Nominee!
What’s got two thumbs and is up for two IGF awards? The Uurnog! Well, we still don’t know what the Uurnog is, but we do know that Uurnog Uurnlimited is nominated for Excellence in Design and Excellence in Audio! We’ll be showing Nifflas’ creation in our loft all week, and you can also play it at the IGF Pavilion on the expo floor, so if you didn’t get to play it the first time around then here’s your chance to play it alongside us!

IGF Nominee!
Last year, Tormentor X Punisher was the star of the loft with its crunchy comic book visuals, tremendous ear bleeding soundtrack, and a heroine who can string curse words together better than any sailor on the planet. And now it’s an IGF nominee for Excellence in Audio! Come play TXP with us at our hangout or at the IGF Pavilion and witness the devilry Joonas Turner, Beau Blyth, and Tuuka Stefanson created firsthand.

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