Craig Fletcher joins Raw Fury as Angel Investor During Seed Round

Oh Lord, what have we done…

During a dark ritual known as angel investing, Craig Fletcher sacrificed to the deities a sum of $125,000 USD to be used in bolstering Raw Fury’s operations. There was no bloodletting involved. This transaction with the gods occurred during Raw Fury’s seed round announced in December but only now were we able to announce it, celestial beings are finnicky sometimes.

If you’ve yet to meet Craig, there are a few things you should know:

  • Craig founded Multiplay, a UK-based company that organized and ran very large LAN events including Insomnia, currently the UK’s most popular LAN event which just surpassed its 60th iteration. Multiplay was sold to GAME for £20M in 2015 with Craig staying on as CEO and then eventually Senior VP for eSports and Competitive Gaming Strategy for GAME.
  • At the very first Insomnia event in 1999, Craig and his team singlehandedly drained all the power from the local substation and plunged an entire town into darkness for a few hours. Purely on accident, of course.
  • Since selling Multiplay to GAME, Craig has started up investment firm Wicked Sick and has become a much sought after consultant with his hands in companies such as Rocket Lolly, PlayMob, Percent, and Vidsy.
  • He makes a killer full English breakfast.

Craig’s experience in building a company from the ground up and becoming a market leader in an emerging sector of the industry (sound familiar?) is paramount to the goals of Raw Fury, and having a person of his stature to lean on is invaluable. Plus, he knows all the best pubs in Southampton, something even Trip Advisor can’t claim.

Raw Fury founder and CEO, Jonas Antonsson, had this to say about Craig becoming a Fury:

“Thanks for the money, dude.”

Craig Fletcher also commented:

“Why isn’t there a Jäger chiller in the office?”

(We now know what our next purchase will be)

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